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Criminal Defense

Been Contacted By The Police? Been Arrested? Been Charged With A Crime? Call Your Northeast Missouri Lawyer!

The most sacred right you have as an American citizen is the right to remain silent. It is a simple phrase, often repeated, but unfortunately, utilized far too little: "You have the right to remain silent."

If you are contacted by the police and suspected of having committed a crime or have been arrested, you should not make any statements whatsoever to anyone without the advance approval of your lawyer. The only person you should talk to is me, Stephen Ray Porter, Attorney-at-Law.

If you have been charged with any state felony or misdemeanor – from DWI to murder —do not talk to anyone about your case before consulting with an attorney. Schedule a free initial meeting today by calling my Hannibal office at 573-629-1734 or by contacting me online.

What Happens at the Initial Consultation?

When I speak with a client for the first time, I try to learn as much as I can about their situation. At our initial meeting, you can expect that:

  • I will ask you specific questions about your case. Where are you in the process of your case? Have you talked to the police? If so, what have you told them? These are all things I need to know to determine your situation.
  • I will determine if the police followed the correct procedures. In many criminal cases, the actions of the police at the time of arrest can seriously weaken the prosecution's case. This is especially true with drunk driving arrests.
  • I will try to understand your complete situation. When I know more about you and your case, I can then build a solid defense around your particular needs.

For over 20 years, I have served on both sides of the courtroom in over 100 jury trials. I served for 7 years as a prosecutor and over 13 years now as a criminal defense lawyer. I know what to look for in every criminal case, and I can provide you with the sound legal advice that can only come from an experienced trial lawyer. If you have been charged with a DWI, assault, a sex crime, a drug crime, murder or any other state criminal charge, I can assist you.

Call For a Free Initial Meeting

From my office in Hannibal, I represent clients in northeast Missouri charged with state misdemeanors and felonies. To schedule a free initial meeting at my Hannibal office to discuss your case, call 573-629-1734 or contact me online.

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